Meet Our Academics

Crown and Country Magazine is both honoured and privileged to have internationally esteemed and accredited Academics and Professors to be a part of this historic and ground breaking publication. Royal Historians with Doctorates and several books to their name, Academics with credentials from some of the world’s top Universities and other notable and distinguished individuals with position in their nation’s political and military institutions allow Crown and Country a unique position within the world of Royal themed publications.

With such contributions from top Academics and field related contributors, Crown and Country is able to be a front runner in the way of innovative educational editorial placement in conjunction with Royal themes and topics, to deliver a highly comprehensible blend between history, politics and popular topics where the British Monarchy is in focus. Crown and Country is delighted to welcome such learned individuals located within the pages of our magazine and further thank them for their time, patience and participation.

Dr. Carolyn Harris

Royal Historian, Author

Dr. Philippe Lagasse

Professor, Author

Dr. Donald MacRaild

Professor, Author

Academic Contributions

Are you a Professor, Teacher or an individual whom possess a profound knowledge in Royal and historical themes? If so, you may be able to contribute to Crown & Country Magazine. If you are interested in advancing education though knowledge, please contact our Editor-in-Chief to discuss the many ways in which you can help educate the world about the benefits of Constitutional Monarchy as well as the positive attributes of the role in which Her Majesty fulfills on behalf of the nation.