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Crown and Country Magazine is both honoured and privileged to have internationally esteemed and accredited Academics and Professors to be a part of this historic and ground breaking publication. Royal Historians with Doctorates and several books to their name, Academics with credentials from some of the world’s top Universities and other notable and distinguished individuals with position in their nation’s political and military institutions allow Crown and Country a unique position within the world of Royal themed publications.

With such contributions from top Academics and field related contributors, Crown and Country is able to be a front runner in the way of innovative educational editorial placement in conjunction with Royal themes and topics, to deliver a highly comprehensible blend between history, politics and popular topics where the British Monarchy is in focus. Crown and Country is delighted to welcome such learned individuals located within the pages of our magazine and further thank them for their time, patience and participation.


Carolyn Harris

Dr. Carolyn Harris is a historian, author and Royal commentator based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

She currently teaches history at the University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies.

Carolyn completed her PhD in History at Queen’s University at Kingston, Canada in May, 2012 with six months of her doctorate at Birkbeck College, University of London in 2009 as a visiting overseas research student. Carolyn is an expert in the history of European Monarchy and has been interviewed by numerous media outlets including the CTV News Channel, CNN, BBC Radio 5, CBC syndicated radio, Radio Canada International, TVO’s “The Agenda,” The Toronto Star, the National Post and the Globe and Mail.

Her writing concerning the historical context for issues facing the British and Canadian Monarchies today has appeared in Canada’s History Magazine, BBC News Magazine, Smithsonian Magazine, Military History Monthly, the Globe and Mail, the Ottawa Citizen, Bloomberg News, the Toronto Sun and the Kingston Whig-Standard. Dr. Harris is the author of Magna Carta and Its Gifts to Canada: Democracy, Law, and Human Rights (Dundurn Press 2015) and Queenship and Revolution in Early Modern Europe: Henrietta Maria and Marie Antoinette (Palgrave Macmillan 2015). Her 3rd book, Raising Royalty: 1000 Years of Royal Parenting will be published in 2017.


Philippe Lagassé

Dr. Philippe Lagassé is an Associate Professor of Public and International Affairs at the University of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and is a Fellow with the Canadian Global Affairs Institute. His extensive research focuses on political theory, Canadian defence policy, politics and procurement, civil-military relations and the machinery of government, executive-legislative relations within the Westminster tradition, and the Crown and executive power in Canada.

His work on these subjects have allowed him to serve as a consultant for government, political parties, and the private sector. Committed to academic outreach and public debate, he regularly comments on defence affairs and the Westminster system in print and social media.

In May 2015, Phillipe was appointed a member of the Independent Review Panel for Defence Acquisition (IRPDA). A Governor-in-Council appointment, his formal position within the government is that of a special adviser to the Minister of National Defence. The position is non-partisan and legal entity within the civil service, yet is outside of the regular organizational structure of the Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces. The appointment has a three year term, but is held at the pleasure of the Governor-in-Council. Dr. Lagassé will remain in his position an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa for the duration of the appointment.