The British Monarchist Society and Foundation is the result of a thought, which evolved through the years into a well-developed idea and eventually grew into a tangible organisation originally named the British Monarchist Society. In 2014 the addition of a separate entity, the British Monarchist Foundation was added to the British Monarchist family. Now as of 2017, both have been combined into one entity promoting education about the Monarchy as well as undertaking an education programme. The Chairman operated the British Monarchist Society as a virtual platform for people to come together and share their thoughts and ideas about the British monarchy. For several years this virtual organisation was successful before he finally created the Limited by Guarantee Company in the year of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee (2012). His idea to bring the defence and support of the Palace into the forefront of an overwhelmingly silent majority within the United Kingdom, was met with much enthusiasm from Politicians, Celebrities and supporters of the Monarchy alike.

The British Monarchist Society was established several years ago, but became an official company in April of 2012. The Society came about as an educated and popular response to the rising tide of republicanism with in the United Kingdom, which had gone largely unquestioned and unbalanced. It is well known that the Palace does not defend itself and this is something that the Chairman thought needed to change for the greater good and existence of the institution. In understanding the reasoning of the Palace to often remain silent when being attacked, it was Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills who decided that a voice for the silent majority must be projected loud and clear, which prompted him to create the British Monarchist brand as it exists today. As the British Monarchist Society grew and supporters of the Monarchy took to the “British Monarchist” brand, the need eventually came for a fundamental review of and overhaul to the operations of the Society, which led to the evolution of the British Monarchist brand, the implementation of a charity and the addition of several other entities, which have seen the need for the Society change from a social grouping of like-minded peoples, to the functioning trading arm of the British Monarchist Brand. Today, the British Monarchist Society and Foundation is the leading name and marketing arm/company of the British Monarchist family.

The British Monarchist Society and Foundation (BMSF) is a volunteer organisation comprised of several members hailing from all regions of the United Kingdom and abroad that realise and understand the importance of the Monarchy in a modern British State. The member base supports the cause to defend the integrity of the Crown, the Monarchy and more importantly our Most Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth II, from groups and organisations with strong republican agendas, ties and backgrounds whom seek to destroy Britain as we have known it to exist for centuries; in favour of a republic that will eventually bring less stability to the peoples of our great nation. Our members believe in our history, our present, and our future, as a Constitutional Monarchy.

Those belonging to the BMSF stand as a single body, united (regardless of political party affiliation) in our efforts to defend our cause, which is to protect, honour, and serve our Monarch, The Queen, from the eminent dangers of a hostile and unstable radical republican agenda. We seek to preserve and protect our history and system of governance, whilst striving through this organisation to bring those individuals whom are educated in how the government and the Crown work together to the forefront, to further support and teach the importance of the role of our Monarchy to the future generations of Britain, that will shape our future as we move into the 21st century.

The British Monarchist Society is registered with Companies House as well as HMRC with a V.A.T. number.

Company Number: 08116712

V.A.T. Number: 190 9813 79

Can Crown & Country readers join the BMSF?

Anyone can join the British Monarchist Society and Foundation. Crown and Country readers are especially invitd to become mebers, if they are not already members whom are enjoyng this pubications contents.

Do Crown & Country readers benefit from a BMSF affiliation?

Yes. Due to the BMSF, many offers are extended to this publication's readership base. The BMSF solidifies many contributions ot the magazine not only through academic works and relationships, but also through the many relationshisp created for the benefit of it's own members which carry over to the readership of Crown & Country magazine.

How can Crown & Country readers become members of the BMSF?

Readers of Crown & Country Magazine can become members of the BMSF by clicking the link below and joing in the cause to “Support Tradition, Promote Heritage, Defend the Crown and Embrace Charity”. Join the BMSF now by clicking here.