Editor's Letter - Crown and Country

“A Monarchy conducted with infinite wisdom and infinite benevolence is the most perfect of all possible governments.” – Ezra Stiles

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Crown & Country Magazine, the official magazine of the British Monarchist Society and Foundation. This is a very exciting time for the organisation as the British Monarchist brand is growing in name, expanding as a movement and welcoming many new members and Patrons alike into the cause to “Support Tradition, Promote Heritage, Defend the Crown and Embrace Charity”. In subscribing to this mentality, we are able collectively to make a great contribution to the lasting legacy of the British Monarchy on behalf of the people of this great nation.
As readers explore the contents of this issue of Crown & Country they will be able to enjoy the interesting and exciting contributions of not only our members and team of writers, but of such notable people and Patrons of the Society as Dr. Carolyn Harris, Dr. Philippe Lagassé , Mr. Richard Stone – Royal Portrait Painter to Her Majesty and the Royal Family, Rosemary Hughes – Royal Warrant Holder and other people of distinction. This year has seen Her Majesty celebrate another historic milestone when she became the longest reigning Sovereign in British history, overtaking Queen Victoria for this coveted title. In such an historic year, now is the appropriate time to launch Crown & Country Magazine which will serve as a celebratory tribute to the dedicated service which Her Majesty has given to Her people for the past 64 years of her reign.
Far away, exotic Realms are waiting to be discovered within the pages of this publication, as well as several rich and cultural insights into what makes the United Kingdom and its relationship with the Crown so utterly special. From the comparisons between the length of reign between Queen Victoria and her great-great granddaughter Queen Elizabeth II, to the release of the new two-pound coin and the “Royal Face on Metal”, to the creation of Royal portraits and the tastings and flavours of Her Majesty’s Realms, Crown & Country will wet the palate of every reader with a sweet and savoury blend of intrigue, history and general Royal interest.
We here at Crown and Country Magazine would like to introduce you most cordially to our patriotic and cultural organisation. We trust that you will appreciate the contents, as well as supporting the purpose of the British Monarchist Society. We look forward to welcoming you not only as a regular reader, but as an active and participating member within the Society. God Save The Queen!

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills
Crown & Country Magazine