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Orb and Sceptre Communications Ltd. is a multifaceted communications solutions company located in London which specialises in bespoke innovative design and Web Technologies, mobile phone application creation and gaming, website creation, design and hosting, as well as tangible business resources such as leaflet, magazine and book design, printing, publishing and distribution.

Orb and Sceptre Communications Ltd is also one of the leading agencies in Sports Management and Agency as well as International and Inter-governmental Relations and Consulting with an emphasis on Middle Eastern/Western relations.

With experts and professionals that are highly trained and proficient in each realm of offered service, Orb and Sceptre Communications Ltd. is the right choice for all of your business and personal needs both on and off-line. Enjoy first class quality and service with an unparalleled experience from Orb and Sceptre Communications Ltd.

The benefits of working with Orb and Sceptre Communications Ltd:

  • We possess extensive product development experience and a vast in-house network of other highly trained professionals that provide the services you need.
  • We are able to source highly advanced designers and technicians to fit any bespoke request from the wide range of our subsidiaries throughout the world.
  • We provide a secure client login with access to a dedicated project website.
  • We offer online collaboration tools and convenient web meetings to stay in touch with our clients.
  • We pride ourselves in being flexible and accommodating the needs of our clients.
  • We off our services at a very competitive rates which are sure to stay well within the parameters of your budgetary requirements.
  • We have a track record of developing innovative products that have a significant market impact.
  • Our clients own their designs.

Innovative Web Design and Technologies, Web Solutions, Mobile Phone/Handset Applications, Gaming and Entertainment

Orb and Sceptre Communications Ltd is a full service product design and development firm that has solutions in every area of mobile and handset use. We are able to assist you with all aspects of the development process from applications and gaming to programming. We are able to manage every aspect of your needs and supervise the entire process, whilst providing the needed resources and implementing the necessary tools to work with your development team. Our mission is to provide innovative web/it solutions and a solid design that exceeds our client’s expectations. We pride ourselves on professional planning and works in the following fields:

  • Product planning
  • Concept Design
  • Engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Testing
  • Documenting
  • Sourcing
  • Manufacturing


WEB DESIGN – Bespoke Designs Tailored Specifically to Your Needs.

At Orb and Sceptre Communications Ltd, we believe in effective communication with quality results. We strive to understand each client’s needs and wants, to which we are then able to deliver excellence, quality and luxury on a professional, yet personal basis. Orb and Sceptre Communications Ltd. will contact you personally to discuss your needs, expectations and requirements. We will work together with you on a bespoke design until you are 100% satisfied. It is our corporate mantra to make sure our each and every client is pleased with their product and the Orb and Sceptre experience. Orb and Sceptre web applications are based on our own custom framework, and our in house developed unique CMS/CRM solutions.


Mobile Phone Applications – Mobile Phone and Online Gaming

Orb and Sceptre Communications Ltd. helps small, medium and large sized private and corporate businesses transform their business processes using mobile technology. Our custom applications are designed to reduce operational inefficiencies, improve their customer experience, secure digital content, harness large data and monetise new commercial opportunities and expansion endeavours.

We work across the mobile application lifecycle – from defining enterprise mobile strategy, through to custom mobile application development and ongoing maintenance. We invite you to discover more about our three main service lines:

  • App development
  • App maintanence
  • Mobile partnership

Mobile games are developed using platforms and technologies such as Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Symbian, Adobe Flash Lite, NTT DoCoMo‘s DoJa, Sun‘s Java ME, Qualcomm‘s BREW, WIPI, Apple iOS, Windows Phone 8 or Google Android. Java is the most common platform for mobile games, however its performance limits lead to the adoption of various native binary formats for more sophisticated games. Unity 3D is rapidly becoming a trendy technology to develop mobile games. It’s a solid tool for beginners and also for users who do not have many resources at their disposal to hire people for game development.

Typically, mobile games use one of the following business models: pay-per-download, subscription, free-to-play or advertising. Until recently, the main option for generating revenues was a simple payment on downloading a game. Subscription business models also existed and had proven popular in some markets (notably Japan) but were rare in Europe. Today, a number of new business models have emerged which are often collectively referred to as “freemium”. The game download itself is typically free and then revenue is generated after download either through in-app transactions or advertisements; this resulted in $34 billion spent on mobile games in 2013


The truth is that there are many companies who provide mobile application development services and can build apps. The question for enterprise clients is who can deliver them in a way which transforms critical business processes, integrates with existing legacy systems, delivers measurable ROI and creates the ‘wow’ factor for end users. Our approach is focussed on these four aspects – strong business process redesign skills, integration expertise, a clear ROI framework and an award winning design team.

We work across all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, Windows phone, HTML5 and Hybrid. Our enterprise application development services include:

  • Requirements documentation
  • Business process redesign
  • Systems integration
  • User experience and User Interface design
  • Coding
  • Testing and quality assurance

Other Orb and Sceptre Mobile platforms:


We specialise in complex environments where a seamless transition from previous IT partners, deep integration expertise and a personal touch are all required. As a result, we are the partner of choice for enterprise clients looking for on-going maintenance of business critical applications.

We provide a range of flexible and cost effective support agreements and SLAs which guarantee response times, service levels and provide a reliable platform for ongoing application development and change requests. Our app maintenance services include:

  • Deployment and hosting
  • Server maintenance
  • Change request management
  • Code refactoring and debugging
  • Ongoing development
  • Change control documentation


We partner with organisations who are unsure of their overall mobile strategy, unclear exactly where to start, or how to maximize the value of their existing IT assets and systems. Our mobile experts can help to facilitate mobile related workshops, identify technical resource gaps and scope an effective programme of work.

Our mobile partnership services include:

  • Mobile readiness audits
  • Mobile strategy workshops
  • Application prioritisation
  • Investment casing
  • Architecture and integration planning
  • Programme management


Mobile is a popular trend today. New apps enter the market every day. If you want your app to become a real success, you need an effective marketing strategy. Our expertise in creating hundreds of successful high-end solutions gives us deep insight into app marketing. We know exactly what tools and tactics work and what don’t work in promoting apps to the masses.

Our app marketing services include:

  • Marketing strategy
  • App promotion
  • Product strategy
  • Analytics

Website Design

Website Creating

Website Hosting – Where, how much, terms, servers, security etc?

Business Solutions and Resources – packages, costing, inclusions, payment plans?

Magazine and Book Printing/Publishing/Distribution – How are we doing all of this, what distributors are we using, design, arts, graphics, etc?

Our Publications:

  • Crown & Country Magazine
  • Global Enterprise Magazine
  • Sports Magazine
  • Her Majesty’s Mixers

Spots Agency, Management & Recruitment – We need to register, what direction are we going with this, etc?

CODING – Are we going to mention coding etc?


Our programers will make website based on specifications provided by you. If they will have any further questions or suggestions, that could work better for your end product, they will contact you and present the solution. All you need to do is to decide which option is more suitable for you.
Technologies which we use are:
Everything is based on our own CMS,CRM, framework solutions.


When final product is ready, we will place it on one of our servers and invite you to skype session to show you how CMS, CRM, Website or other Web application chosen by you works. You can test it for 2 weeks and make sure that the final product meets your expectations and is working without any issues. If, after two weeks of testing, you will experience any issues or find a bug on your website, no need to worry as each of our clients will receive 12 months guarantee and full support from our side.