Making a Magazine

Crown & Country Magazine is a landmark publication with an emphasis on education. Conceptualised by the Founder of the British Monarchist So ciety, Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills, the main purpose of this magazine is first and foremost as a reference periodical with non-expiring information that discovers the importance of and  reasoning for Constitutional Monarchy in the 21st century. Education has always been at the forefront of the British Monarchist Society and this mantra led the organisation to develop a product which could reach a vast majority of people in an entertaining, colourful and interesting way that is able to deliver various topics and themes regarding the Royal family and the British Crown in a unique, high-quality and luxurious process.

The process of creating such a noteworthy and collectable magazine of  luxury, sophistication and quality, requires strict standards and an adhearance to elevated quality controls which is no easy task. Months of preparation, the sourcing photographs, editorial, interviews, revisions, proof-reading and further components of the process, including but not limited to finance, distribution, placements, design, sales, etc. is a large undertaking for such a small, but dedicated group of individuals.

With a strong desire to be an informative publication with an emphasis on historical themes and interests, it was important for the team at Crown & Country Magazine to incorporate top level academics into the fold. Along with their expertise and quality content, together with severa other professional additions in related fields, Crown & Country is a landmark publication. Royal historians, government advisors, M.P.s, Royal Warrant Holders and many others who are specialised in such respective fields have been happy to be a part of this ground breaking and informative magazine. We look forward to working with such professionals over the next several issues to bring our readership the most comprehensive and interesting academic perspectives on the themes and topics we will be presented in the issues to come.

Crown & Country Magazine matters not only to its team of editors, writers and contributors, but to the British Monarchist Society, its Patrons and its Members. This publication should also matter to the general public as it is a tool to further educate, illustrate and explain the role of the Monarch, the system of Constitutional Monarchy,  Parliamentary Democracy and the rights and freedoms which are solidified within the Sovereign of this great nation. This publication is more than words and photos, it is a testament to the value of thought, the greatness of education and the importance knowledge.

We hope that you will enjoy this publication as much as we do and further comprehend the truths of and positive attributes of  Constitutional Monarchy through this publication. Knowledge is power and Crown & Country Magazine is keen to do our bit by helping to provide society with the proper tools and education to further promote a system of governance which has been successful and fair to the people for nearly a thousand years.

Who created the concept of the magazine?

The Chairman of the British Monarchist Society orginiated and further developed the concept for Crown & Country Magazine. Thomas Mace-Archer-Mills truly believes in education and felt that a publication such as Crown & Country would further enhance the true and sometimes little known education about the Crown, The Queen and the Monarchy in general, in a fun and intresting way.

Why another "Royal" publication?

Crown & Country is not just another "Royl" publication. We produce an luxury academic journal which looks in depth at the themes and interests surrounding the British Crown and Royal family. This Magazine is not a gossip readers paradise, it is a true testament to the proper eduation about constitutional monarchy under the British Crown which Her Majesty wears. Crown & Country Magazine is your sour for true Royal news and themes. This publication contains non-expiring information and has a long shelf-life as a reference periodical, thus making it a truly a one of a kind educational tool of Royal interest and theme.

Why is the BMS involved with this publication?

The British Monarchist Society works with and has long existing relationships with many external organisations as well as British politicians who help to advance education throughout the United Kingdom, the Realms and beyond. The BMS has conceptualised and sponsored many different components of this magazine and has a large membership base who have and will continue to find this publication of interest. The Chairman of the BMS is also the Editor-in-Chief of this luxurious Royal academic journal and reference periodical.