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The Queen, Royal Finances and Who Foots The Bills

Every year the Royal Household releases its Statement of Accounts, revealing how the Sovereign Support Grant (S.S.G.) has been spent. The 2014/2015 financial year saw the British Monarchy cost £35.7 million – the same as 2013/2014. This is also the time where the anti-monarchist organisation ‘Republic’ pipes up, demanding that the ‘unjust’ and ‘expensive’ institution of Monarchy be dismantled in favour of an elected and political Head of State, to create a United Republic of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. We put forth the question: Does the taxpayer really fund the Monarchy?… Are you ready for the truth?!

Numerous publications state that The Queen’s expenditure as Head of State is paid for by the British taxpayer, but we do not subscribe to this theory because it is not true. Here we will explain how The Palace is funded and why (much to Republic’s displeasure) our Monarchy …

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